" The service we received from Asset realty was outstanding. Especially Linda White was very helpful every step of the way. She went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect. Without her help we would have been in a very difficult situation. Kudos to her and your team on a job well done. If we have need of a realtor in the future we will surely call upon her and Asset Realty"
Martin & Maricela Bugarini
9165 Grand Mountain Cr, Las Vegas : 12/31/11

"Linda & Robert thank you for helping me find a house in such a short time. Linda & Robert with Asset Realty, A job well done. The house was affordable and in a very quiet neighborhood. I'm looking forward doing business with them soon. We have told several friends about your hard work. We are recommending them to everyone in the world. Thank you.
Richard Goldstarr
3910 Morning Glory Ln, Las Vegas : 6/6/2011

"Judy is very dedicated to her job and works hard but is also very warm and friendly. I didn't have a real long association with her, she sold my house quickly but I consider her a good friend." 
Irene Marks
1018 Weatherboard Street, Henderson : 6/2/2011

 "Asset Realty, Judy Henkens (Broker) has provided us with professional personal Real Estate services for many years. Prompt communication to your offer to buy sell or involvement in investment transaction has been their trademark."   

  "If you are looking for reliable professional as well as personal service for your next or first real estate transaction Judy Henkens and Asset Realty should be your choice. we have ad total satisfaction over the years with Asset Realty assisting us with buying, selling and finding us good investment properties."          "Just call JUDY"
Ray and Glenda Scheuermann
164 Laguana Landing Dr, Henderson: 7/6/04
517 Amethyst Ave, Henderson : 3/24/2011
605 Daimond Dr, Henderson : 3/2/0211

  "Linda & Robert exceptional! Even when Linda wasn't feeling good she took the girls around! They have so much patience and they pretty much work around your schedule. They answered all our questions probably more than once. They asked what we wanted and gave us so many places to look at. They really did a great job for us. Very very pleased! Very helpful, very pleasant to work with!"
Kathleen Chamberlin
813 Cherry Drive, Henderson : 12/27/2010

   "This was the very best home buying experience we had ever had. Judy took the time to ensure everything we wanted and were looking for in our house was met. Judy found us our Dream Home. We appreciate the time and effort Judy took to satisfy all our requests. Geneva and I wanted to say Thank You for all of your hard work and dedication. We will be happy to recommend Judy and Asset Realty to anyone we find looking to buy or sell a home."
Mike & Geneva Vassar
813 Bravado Street, Henderson : 10/19/2010

    "When I started looking into a commercial venture, I knew Judy Henkens of The "Just call JUDY" Team was the first person I wanted to review my plans. She not only had the answers I needed but located the perfect property for me. Judy didn´t just write the offer and close the deal, she educated me on particulars of the transaction that I might not have ever discovered on my own. Even now some four months after the closing she makes time to answer my questions and makes valid helpful inputs to my plan. Without a doubt, the project she identified for me is the most exciting project of my career. I would tell any current or future client from the nervous first time home buyer to the seasoned real-estate investor, you are in good hands with Judy Henkens of Asset Realty. She can be trusted to keep your best interest at heart. Judy and her "Just callJUDY" Team will help many people find their dreams. I know because she helped me find mine. Judy, thanks again, I sincerely appreciate your expertise and support."        
Darrell Dyer                                                                            
10/26/05 - 11/30/2009


    "The "Just call JUDY" Team have been managing my commercial property for some four years now and have turned it into a positive cash flow, after having had a negative cash flow while being managed by a previous broker.
In addition Judy´s guidance, knowledge and insight have increased my real estate value three fold in the past year. 
    The Team´ will be handling my real estate investments through out Nevada.  In Las Vegas vernacular, dealing with The "Just call JUDY" Team has always come up three 7s (777)."
Len Indelicato
153 W. Lake Mead Parkway, Henderson : 2001 - 2005
165 W. Lake Mead Parkway, Henderson : 6/30/05
161 W. Lake Mead Parkway, Henderson : 6/30/05
145 W. Lake Mead Parkway, Henderson : 6/30/05
149 W. Lake Mead Parkway, Henderson : 6/30/05                                  
2368 Villandry Court, Henderson : 11/15/2009

    "The "Just call JUDY" Team made the selling of our last home an absolutely stress-free, worry-free experience. From the initial meeting through the close of escrow, they handled every phase and detail with courteous, personal professionalism."

    "Getting it right and getting it done" is essential when buying or selling a home. This is exactly what Judy´s Team does. They are customer service driven with your satisfaction as the ultimate goal. We wouldn´t trust anything as important as buying or selling a home with anyone else! Why are we so confident? This last home sale was the third time we have utilized their services. We encourage you to give them a call. It´s just like calling family!"
Randy & Therese Merrill
1113 Devon Downs Avenue, Henderson : 11/8/02
2700 Balsam Pear Court, Henderson : 7/29/05

    "We want to take this opportunity to thank you for another year of "a job well done." Your Team has always made sure our home in Henderson stays rented and well taken care of. It is a good feeling to know we never have to worry about one thing - you have kept the cost down and we really appreciate it. Thanks to The "Just call JUDY"Team."
Jim & Jeanie Camp
559 Apostle Drive, Henderson : 2000 - 2005

    "I have properties in four different states. Judy's Team provides the best service among all the Realtors. They should be very proud to be one of the BEST in this competitive business."
Masa Nakayama
989 Blue Lantern Dr, Henderson : 4/18/97
1839 Towering Mesa, Henderson: 3/30/00
698 S. Racetrack Road, #423, Henderson : 12/12/95 - 2005

    "The "JUDY Team" takes care of my rental house as if it were their own! I am confident I couldn´t find a better rental agent. I highly recommend The "Just call JUDY" Team!"
Virginia Shorey
2127 King Mesa Drive, Henderson : 2003 - 2005

    "I´ve been doing business with Asset Realty for over 5 years now and have always appreciated the professional manner in which work is conducted. They have always been extremely cordial and friendly, going out of their way to make you feel like a VIP. I have been very happy with the results of our business relationship and hope that it continues for many years to come."
Sammy Tanooka
964 Camelia Drive, Henderson : 1998 - 2005

    "I received an ad from the "JUDY" Team in the mail and decided to call. I needed help in selling my home and wanted someone with integrity and experience. As it turned out, I decided to rent my home instead and asked Judy to manage the property, since I now live in California. The arrangement was beneficial to us both and we have enjoyed a 2 year amicable relationship. They eased all my problems and handled all matters effectively, as well as professionally. Thank you."
Paul Nantas
531 Feliz Contada Court, Henderson : 2003 - 2005 

    "Judy and her team helped me find exactly what I was looking for in a retirement condominium. It was at the right price and in the right neighborhood. It was my dream come true. Judy and her team took over the rental aspect of the condominium until I am ready to retire. Thanks for all your help and for a job well done."
Bill Belniw
698 S. Racetrack Road, #1614, Henderson : 8/29/05 

    "Thank you for always being so responsive and meeting all of our property management needs."
Clarence & Lorrie Gray
649 Avenue L, Boulder City : 1999 - 2005

    "The Team at Asset Realty were very helpful to us in the sale of our home.  They kept us informed of what inquiries they received and the action if any taken.  We found them very nice to work with."
Arnold & Joan Loveridge
1501 Mustang Drive, Henderson : 5/12/05

    "The staff at Asset Realty worked very had at finding the right home for me. I highly recommend The "Just call JUDY" Team to help anyone find a home.  They are very helpful and pleasant to work with."
David Baretinicich
220 Lido Drive, Henderson : 4/27/05

    "All of the people that we have been associated with at Asset Realty have done an excellent & professional job.  We have been treated with fairness, knowledge, courtesy and we will continue to do business with them and recommend them to our friends in the future when we need them.
Legrand & Donna Hall
168 Cloudcrest Drive, Henderson : 2/4/05
533 Viva Serenade Way, Henderson : 2/4/05 

    "Some people think that selling your home is routine, just get an agent and that´s it.  I found that not to be true when I sold my home in April this year. For service beyond belief I contacted Asset Realty and I am so glad I did, my house sold in no time.  For instant results, Just call The "JUDY" Team, you will be glad you did, for service - unmatchable´."
Vincent Knight
167 Copper Street, Henderson : 4/11/05 

    "What is it that permeates The "Just call JUDY" Team? We found it to be a sense of friendship. Professionalism is there of course. This Team has to rank as one of the top ten teams in the business. Go with The "Just call JUDY" Team - you will be glad you did."
Horace & Stella Becknell
1016 Clearwater River Avenue, Henderson : 7/30/05 

    "We like doing business with Judy´s Team because they really take good care of the customer! Honesty and thorough research results in solid arrangements you can depend on and the best price ? whether buying or selling ? and we have done both!"
Jim & Liz Woods
2159 Eaglepath Circle, Henderson : 5/17/04
698 Racetrack Road, #814, Henderson : 12/19/01 

    "I am a real estate investor so it is very important to find the best agent to sell, buy, and manage my properties. Currently, The Asset Realty is looking after five of my properties and three properties of my daughters. So, you can see that Judy and Melody are both extremely important for me and for my family´s financial well-being. I can assure you, you cannot find better agents anywhere! They are tirelessly and responsibly looking after my interests; they are not only professional, but also very caring people. I would not hesitate to refer them to all my friends!"
Sola Wong
4044 Bella Palermo Way, Las Vegas : 2002-Present
43 Gladewater Drive, Henderson : 5/3/03573 Canlite Street, Henderson : 7/22/04
1065 Blue Sands Court, Henderson : 8/20/04
428 Pumpkin Way, Henderson : 2004-Present
4088 Villeroy- Las Vegas : 2002-Present
176 Spinnaker- Henderson : 2004-Present
11113 Prado Del Rey : 2002-Present 

    "Robert and Rosalie Stewart are very pleased with the way Judy´s team handled the sale of our home at 523 Credence Ave Henderson NV-89015. We thank them very much and will recommend them to our friends. Thank You."
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stewart
523 Creedence Avenue, Henderson : 12/29/04 

    "I am glad to have the services from Asset Realty. Special thanks to Judy´s Team who helped me find my home. The Team at Asset Realty are friendly and helpful employees who are determined to help you find a new home. Thank You Assets Realty for making my new home a reality."
Carmen Martinez De Sanchez
880 Mantis Way, #4, Las Vegas : 11/1/04 

    "The "Just call JUDY" Team was great. They helped us find our home. They knew we were in a hurry and worked hard to show us as many houses as they could. We would recommend them to anyone."
Mike & Dawn Bagarry
5234 Panguitch Drive, Las Vegas : 11/9/04

    "It was a sincere pleasure doing business with "professionals" in every aspect of property management."
Lowell & Chang Rose

    "Sometimes a one time experience is outstanding. However the second time home acquiring a home was just as great as the first."
Lois & Andrew Clark
519 Tabony Avenue, Henderson : 6/16/04
3549 Fort McHenry Avenue, Las Vegas : 8/4/04

    "Thank you so much to The Judy Team. J.D. and I placed our home on the market several times prior to hiring Asset Realty. We were constantly being told one thing and being offered another ? until Asset Realty came to our rescue. They were honest and in constant communication with us, as well as emotionally there ? selling our home was a hard decision. We raised our children there and our hearts went into the house. But they got us what we asked and kept all of their words ? They met every request set forth by us. I would Highly recommend The "Just call JUDY" Team at Asset Realty to anyone. We would not go anywhere else if returning to Henderson to purchase or sell our home. Thank you Asset Realty. We miss Henderson greatly."
Donna Donah & J.D. Crocker
210 Valley Forge Drive, Henderson : 7/21/04
    "Asset Realty & Management has far exceeded my expectations of service, especially since I have been in the real estate business myself for over 24 years in southern California. They go above and beyond what it takes to get business done. They are the best! I have also referred friends and clients to them because I knew they would take good care of them, and they did. Asset Realty knows what the words "quality service" are.
Sherry Mendoza 

    "Tim and I came to Asset Realty looking to buy a home. Omer, God bless his soul, treated us first time home buyers with courtesy and importance. We had a problem with the home builder lending company in the final week before closing on our house. Omer and the whole Judy team worked around the clock to ensure we closed on time. We appreciate all the work that Judy´s Team did for our family. We miss you Omer."
Tim & Elaine Broyles
615 Marlberry Place, Henderson : 3/26/04

    "Selling and buying a house can be a challenging experience. Due to a couple of previous bad experiences, we were very cautious when we decided to sell our last home. Judy and her team put us at ease3;their efforts from beginning to end and beyond was fantastic! We have since moved out of state, but still have many friends in southern Nevada. If they decide to enter the market, The "Just call JUDY" Team is who we will strongly recommend. They are great!!"
Dennis & Ann Dye
504 Feliz Contada Street, Henderson : 5/23/02

    "Judy Henkens and her team from Asset Realty did a great job selling our home. Judy was always available and very helpful whenever we had any questions. She was professional at all times, which made the process go much smoother. We would highly recommend Asset Realty and we will definitely use them again if the need arises to buy or sell our home."
Glenn & Debbie Lowe
541 Embassy Circle, Henderson : 4/1/02 

    "Judy sold my house in 2 weeks time for full price. She was thorough and did her homework. I would recommend her and do highly. She was great!"
Annie Beckmann
3631 Villa De Paz Court, Las Vegas : 6/14/02

    "I appreciate the service I received from Judy and the Asset Realty team for both the property management and sale of my home in Henderson. Thanks for all your help!"
Jeri Denton
1534 Pony Ranch Circle, Henderson : 9/27/02  

    "Our experience with the Asset Realty Team in purchasing our new home was "excellent" in all respects, from the initial negotiation for the house to a year later when we actually moved into our home. We would highly recommend The "Just call JUDY" Team to handle any real estate transaction."
Claire & Carl Laats
1808 Cypress Greens Avenue, Henderson : 8/24/01 

    "I would be remiss if I didn´t take this opportunity to express my thanks for your performance in the recent acquisition of my residence. It was a pleasure having a business relationship with someone who was not only professional, knowledgeable and motivated, but also committed to honesty, reliability, and a dedication to MY needs!"
Jerry D. Jones
99 Autumn Day Street, Henderson : 2/13/01 

    "Judy Henkens has represented us in the sale of our properties 6 times in the last 5 years. In 5 of the transactions, our properties were in a state of foreclosure with the first trust deeds and we were carrying a second trust deed. In 2 of the transactions, the delinquent buyers had filed bankruptcy. This also included 3 "Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosures."
Judy´s expertise, attention to detail and diligence helped us save our investment in every property and she successfully resold every property for a net gain to us. We have found Judy to be an extremely honest and reliable agent and we highly recommend her for any real estate transaction."
Jack & Chelnisha Peeples
118 Juniper Street, Henderson : 1/10/01
3116 Twining Street, Las Vegas : 9/18/97
956 Clipper Drive, Henderson : 3/14/97

    "Judy and Mel are the best! They made buying our first home possible! We can´t say enough good things about the Asset Realty team!"
John & Kay Sundberg
529 Elam Street, Boulder City : 11/1/01 

    "Working with Asset Realty was easy! As first time buyers, it was a big comfort knowing that my agent and company had such a good reputation and a longstanding knowledge of Las Vegas and all surrounding areas. Thanks to The "Just call JUDY" Team!"
Jane & Ross Rossman
1925 Hubbell Street, Las Vegas : 6/27/00

    "I had only 5 days to purchase a home. I walked into Judy's office and within 2 hours I saw the home we wanted to buy. We were treated so wonderful by this group. If you want quality, they have it. Thanks again."
Mary Ann Cole                                                                      
645 Burton Street, Henderson : 12/8/99 

    "When I moved to Las Vegas, I had to find a home fast. I went to a couple of different Realtors without much luck3;they didn´t seem very motivated. I saw a house close to Judy´s office so I went in and talked to her and she treated me just great. She put in an offer for me and let me know every day what was going on. She closed the deal as fast as possible. I would recommend Asset Realty to anyone who wants good, fast service and honest, dependable Realtors!"
James Bontrager
125 Cedar Street, Henderson : 6/15/99 

    "I was very happy with The "Just call JUDY" Team and Asset Realty. Judy showed my husband and I numerous properties before we finally found the right place. Asset Realty has my highest recommendation for its honesty, integrity and just pure friendliness."
Phyllis Colbert
728 Kiel Avenue, Henderson : 6/26/98

    "Six and a half years ago, we decided to relocate from Wisconsin to Nevada in a pre-retirement move. "Just call JUDY" was with us from the beginning of our search for a home, through every step of the process, until we moved in. "Just call JUDY" not only showed us properties but explained things like HOA´s and homesteading, which were not part of the scenario in Wisconsin. "Just call JUDY" performed beyond the professional call and made our experience in buying in the Las Vegas market a trouble-free one. We would highly recommend "Just call JUDY" for your real estate search."
Diane & Frank Perkins
226 Red Cloud Terrace, Henderson : 8/9/96 

    "I would recommend Judy and her Team to anyone in need of a caring Realtor. Judy will go the extra mile for you and is a friend for life."
Dorothy Nicholson
4833 Lana Drive, Las Vegas : 12/20/96 

    "In November 1995, we met Judy for the first time. Three days later, she had found a home for us and put together a deal. Now, 7 years later, we are still happy with our home, our deal to purchase it and our Realtor. We consider Judy a friend and do not hesitate to recommend her to others."
Charles & Winifred Kiddoo
1133 Glangate Avenue, Henderson : 2/28/96 

    "After arriving in Las Vegas from out of state, we contacted a real estate agent and advised him of our general location where we wished to purchase a home. This led us to Henderson, where we were shown several homes, but one caught our eye. The home was listed by Judy Henkens. From the initial contact and subsequent closing, we found "JUDY" to be honest, forthright and all of our questions were answered. Needless to say, our purchase of this home was hassle-free and expedient, void of complications. In summation, if you want a hassle-free, honest transaction of a home purchase or sale, "Just call JUDY and put her to work! You will be pleased."
Clyde & Pat Redding
544 Apostle Drive, Henderson : 4/22/96

    "I highly recommend Judy Henkens as a Realtor. She was wonderful!! and very knowledgeable. We bought our condo to use part-time with her help. We live in San Diego and she helped us have everything go smoothly, even though we lived many miles away. The loan, the escrow and getting moved in, all went without a hitch. I know it was because of her expertise3;she helped us with all the paperwork and she knew just what we wanted. She found a home and took us to see only the houses that filled our needs. She found us just the right home. It was one we would have never found on our own. After three years, my husband became ill and we could no longer go to Henderson and fish at Lake Mead, so we had to sell our condo. Judy helped us sell it and again everything went smoothly. Thanks to the fax machine, we only needed to make one trip to Henderson. Judy handled everything. The "Just call JUDY" Team is great and I highly recommend them."
Laura Engle
556 Sellers Place, Henderson : 8/11/95

    "Judy listed our house on a Wednesday evening and by Saturday, we had a contract for exactly what we wanted. Judy also helped my mother-in-law purchase her house. Judy went above and did far more in helping us find our present house and stood by and helped us deal with the developer. Judy is always willing to help and remains a friend and answers any questions long after closing, even about refinancing!"
Barry Martz
1687 Candace Street, Las Vegas : 7/27/95
1125 Galangate Avenue, Henderson : 2/22/95

    "I first met Judy in the fall of 1995 when I came to Nevada from New York to buy a retirement home. I bought the best of the homes shown to me because she took the time to ask me my desires, price and location in the home I wanted to buy. After closing on the home, I was impressed by the meticulous care Judy took in gathering and itemizing the sales transaction. Because of the care and efficiency, I asked her to represent me in the care of my property until my retirement. This arrangement has lived up to my greatest expectations.

    Judy is head and shoulders above everyone else when it comes to efficiency and care to her clients. She is a credit to the industry she represents and to the state of Nevada."
Margaret Traber
2746 Carnation Lane, Henderson : 1/26/95

    The "Just call JUDY" Team is a #1 team! Through Judy's diligence and commitment, we were able to sell our condo in a fast and timely manner at a reasonable price. In addition, with Judy's input, efforts and expertise, the paperwork phase ran smoothly and efficiently. We will highly recommend Judy's Team to all of our neighbors, friends and family. As a matter of fact, any future moves made by us will be done through The "Just call JUDY" Team."
Larry & Milly Torchala

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